The earliest meanings of the Tarot are ambiguous and to this day remain shrouded in mystery. One theory is that the Tarot was brought to Europe from elsewhere, possibly from Egypt, India or Persia. What we do know is that the Tarot used today dates back to the mid fifteenth century when the aristocratic Italian Visconti-Sforza family commissioned the painting of several Tarot decks. 

The 78-card deck has been used in many different ways since its creation with its most known use for clairvoyance. The Tarot deck is divided into two components: Major and Minor Arcana cards. The powerful symbolism in the Major Arcana reflects the principal events in our lives, whereas the cards of the Minor Arcana inform us of our circumstances and our experiences as well as the direction we may be heading. 

Over the centuries many different decks have been designed but the fascination with the Tarot still remains. The Tarot continues to be used by clairvoyants as a powerful instrument to help and guide people through Tarot readings to this day.

Psychic Tarot card readings

The Tarot in Clairvoyant Readings

Life is an exciting journey of adventure, mystery, and self-discovery. No matter what you choose to do in this life, you’re constantly learning and progressing with every step you take. However, if you don’t take the time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future, you may not reach your full potential. Thankfully, the Tarot is here to help you do just that. Whether you want to gain clarity and identify your true purpose in this world or you need help coming to terms with a sad or traumatic event, the Tarot can propel you forward with encouragement, support, and love.

Here are some unique benefits of a Tarot reading:

  • Gain Clarity – a Tarot reading could encourage you to make positive and beneficial decisions for your future. Gain new perspectives on your life and have a new found sense of direction.
  • Find Peace – don’t dwell on life’s negatives, find your inner peace to move on. If you’ve been anxious, worried or fearful, a Tarot reading can help you to overcome your struggles. Feel calm again so you can begin to have the strength to take control of your life.
  • Improve and nurture your relationships – the Tarot will encourage you to stop being negative and motivate you to take positive steps to nourish your new and existing relationships. If you’re in a relationship, the Tarot will teach you kindness, fairness and understanding. If you’re single, the Tarot can give you the support and direction you need to find love.
  • Improve your life – transform your life with a psychic Tarot reading. The Tarot will help you realise which parts of your life or personality need to change or be repaired. Let the Tarot cards inspire you to take steps to change and improve your life.

How Kathryn incorporates Tarot in a psychic reading

I use the well-known Rider Waite Tarot cards because the images are colourful, clear and harbour a depth of symbolism. During the reading, I will ask the client to think of specific life issues where they would like guidance and understanding. I will then start shuffling the cards whilst attuning to the overall current situation and asking guidance from spirit.

Once the Tarot cards are laid out, I will focus on the overall spread of cards and pay attention to the general message and intuitive feelings I receive when first looking at the Tarot cards. I will first look at the Major Arcana Tarot Cards that appear in the reading. These cards point to significant life experiences and changes and provide vital clues as to the prevailing influences in the client’s life now and in the future. I will then look at the Minor Arcana which reflect future decisions the Tarot is advising the client to take. I will read these two components in harmony to create a whole and detailed reading for the client. I will then explain to the client exactly what I see with focus on the overall story and what the Tarot is advising and guiding them to do.

I have personally found Tarot cards to be an effective tool for guidance and self-discovery for both myself and others.

They are a key to help us access the inner wisdom that is within us all

To summarise, Tarot Readings can be a powerful instrument to help bring you a unique insight and understanding in areas of your life such as love, friendships, career and spiritual development. It can give you the confidence and direction to regain control of your life and create the future life in which you so desire.

If you are looking for a professional psychic in Kent or you’re interested in getting a psychic Tarot Reading or phone reading, please contact Kathryn.

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