Kathryn’s Favourite Healing Crystals


Kathryn Clairvoyany healing (2)Rose Quartz

This stone opens the heart chakra.  It vibrates at a very high energy and can imbue you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity.  This stone is helpful in attracting possible meaningful loving relationships


Kathryn Clairvoyany healing (4)Amethyst

A beautiful powerful healing stone that vibrates to the frequency of purple.  This stone helps in psychic development by opening the third eye chakra.  This stone can help those who are trying to overcome addiction


Kathryn Clairvoyany healing (3)Citrine

This stone vibrates on the yellow ray frequency. It opens the solar plexus chakra and can help with confidence and personal power.  This is known as the stone of the mind as it helps promotes clear thinking and clarity.


Kathryn Clairvoyany healing (1)Lapis

This stone is associated with ancient Egypt.  Lapis aids spiritual development and can be used by healers to cleanse and clarify the body.  Particularly useful for self expression.



A very useful grounding stone.  Useful for psychic protection if others attacking you energetically. The Hermatite stone will act as a buffer between you and negativity literally absorbing the energy.

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