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Kathryn is my go-to psychic at all times.   She is a beautiful soul and channels the spirit world in such a gentle and profound way.  I turn up on Kathryn’s doorstep feeling anxious, overwhelmed and full of questions and I leave our sessions feeling calm, centred, grounded and with all the answers I need right now.  She has been instrumental in me forging ahead on a new career path which is becoming very successful; not only in the financial terms but also I feel I am finally walking my soul’s purpose.  Thank you Kathryn you are an angel.

Star Monroe Telephone Tarot Reading

I recently had my third reading with Kathryn and as always it’s just lovely speaking with her. She makes you feel at ease instantly and not only picks up on things very quickly which for me have always been true, but also recommends things that might help you. After my second reading in 2022 she recommended Reiki healing and sent me some details to a place in West Malling. I went shortly afterwards and had the most cathartic and emotional experience. During this recent reading, a very close family member came through and it has given me peace and comfort to know She’s happy and watching over us….Kathryn is wonderful and I’d recommend anyone to have a reading (mine have always been phone but I look forward to a face to face when the opportunity arises).

Charlotte Telephone Tarot Reading
January 2024

Despite feeling quite nervous beforehand, Kathryn made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. She was so welcoming and has such a lovely energy. She said so many things that completely blew me away with how accurate and specific they were. Thank you so much Kathryn, I feel a level of comfort that I haven’t felt in a long time. I will most definitely be back in the future and recommend to anyone

Lauren Telephone Tarot Reading
January 2024

I went to see Kathryn last night and was blown away with how accurate she was.  It left me feeling comforted knowing a loved one came through and was clearly watching over me and getting used to the spirit world with loved ones beside her.

I’d highly recommend Kathryn and will definitely contact her again in the future.

Deborah Telephone Tarot Reading
September 2023

My daughter and I went to Kathryn for a reading. Kathryn’s greeting was so warm it instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed. Kathryn’s accuracy was amazing, and bought my loved ones to life by what she was saying. She helped settle my mind over a couple of issues that had been bothering me, and showed me the way from here on. I would recommend her to everyone and personally can’t wait to go back for another reading. Thank you Kathryn

Yasmin Telephone Tarot Reading
May 2023

Telephone Tarot Reading

I had my first reading with Kathryn and she was very welcoming and kind. The reading was spot on and exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I look forward to my next time.

Catherine Telephone Tarot Reading
November 2022

One To One Reading

My daughter and I went to Kathryn for a reading. Kathryn’s greeting was so warm it instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed. Kathryn’s accuracy was amazing, and bought my loved ones to life by what she was saying. She helped settle my mind over a couple of issues that had been bothering me, and showed me the way from here on. I would recommend her to everyone and personally can’t wait to go back for another reading. Thank you Kathryn

Sarah One To One Reading
October 2023

Telephone Tarot Reading

I’ve reached out to Kathryn for the very first time in March 2020. Those were times of big uncertainties which were bringing fears and insecurities along and I was looking for some guidance. Kathryn managed with her talent to guide me with such accuracy that at times I couldn’t believe it myself. She would reassure me which path to take and which to avoid, which at the same time was a protection tool for myself and my beloved once. What ever she said, if I liked it or not, she was always right. I feel so blessed that I found her and that I have her as my “guide” trough this beautiful jungle called life and I certainly highly recommend her and her services.

Ani V Telephone Tarot Reading
August 2022

Face-to-Face Reading

I was lucky enough to have my first reading with Kathryn yesterday. Oh my goodness, she absolutely blew my socks off. She connected with me so well, it’s like she knew me better than I knew myself. She is kind, warm and empathetic, and a great listener – a rare skill these days!

She gave me the space to discuss the situations that were bothering me and gave me amazing suggestions into how best to handle them. Her insights into the motivations of people around me were incredible and helped me to understand the situations so much better. Priceless. Everything she told me about was spot on, but she also had predictions as to likely outcomes based on my choices. She was even able to bring through some dearly loved family members.

I loved every minute of my reading and the hour flew by. If you’re on the fence about booking a reading – don’t hesitate. Honestly … it’s the best gift you can give yourself for peace of mind.

Huge thanks once again, Kathryn. You’re amazing.

Sarah Psychic One to One Reading
June 2022

Face-to-Face Reading

Just had my second session with Katherine and it was a beautiful experience 🙏🏼
Hearing the caring and compassionate feelings and readings have allowed me to come to terms with many things

Bless you Katherine x

Nick Psychic One to One Reading
May 2022

Face-to-Face Reading

My first ever reading happened to be by Kathryn 14 yrs ago. I have had other readings since then, but none came near the astuteness and practical advice that Kathryn gave me. I have just had another reading by Kathryn, this time at her house, and I felt like I was being welcomed home.

Without any prompting, Kathryn went immediately to the issue that I hadn’t even expected for her to have picked up on. However, later I found out that an issue had happened that day in my family and the message that Kathryn had passed to me from spirit, gave us all renewed hope and direction.

Kathryn continues to deliver a solid structure of advice and guidance from spirit, her own intuition, and her own earthly wisdom. I left feeling positive and confident in my life path. Everything I imagine a reading should be!

Christie Psychic One to One Reading
May 2022

Face-to-Face Reading

I saw Kathryn at the start of the year and felt so welcomed and warmed by her presence, my whole reading gave me clarity and really put my mind at ease. Other readings haven’t compared to how lovely and relaxing Kathryn makes you feel and they just don’t seem to get it like Kathryn! My family have seen Kathryn and we’ve all had such a good experience, recently recommended to friends who are eager to book !

Charlotte Psychic One to One Reading
March 2022

Telephone Psychic Reading

Kathryn has an incredible talent, such clear and practical information. She put me at ease right away with her warm and genuinely caring manner. It was a real pleasure to get a reading from such a professional and authentically gifted person. The content of the messages and advice went straight to the point and was really accurate, I really needed to hear it. I would highly recommend booking some time with this special person.

Faisal K. Telephone Reading
February 2022

Psychic Tarot Reading

This is the second time I’ve had a tarot reading and Kathryn didn’t let me down. I will definitely be recommending her and look forward to seeing her again soon.

Donna, Tarot Card Reading
January 2022

Great Psychic Reading

Every single reading I have had with Kathryn has been incredible her readings are so accurate and full of reassurance and clarification. Kathryn is amazing and she has such a kind and gentle nature. She is also so caring. I can not wait to book in again.

Marie, Telephone Reading
December 2021

Clairvoyant Prediction

Hello Kathryn….just wanted you to know that I’m starting my new Temp/ Perm role on Wednesday…! Your prediction was right again! Working for a company that supply hearing aids…So they need someone with a caring nature….Yippee!…❤️

Dawn, Telephone Reading
October 2021

Recommended Psychic Kent

I recently visited Katherine after being recommended by some close friends
Having been through a very traumatic and emotional experience I was looking for closure and after gone though some of the usual therapy options, I couldn’t find that place of acceptance.
But after visiting Katherine I was overwhelmed with warmth and compassion with the session and from this I am better equipped to face my future and what it will deliver
God bless you Katherine 🙏🏼 and I look forward to seeing you in a few months

Kind Regards

Nick, Psychic One to One Reading
October 2021

Best Psychic Readings

Hi Kathryn,
I’m so grateful to have found an honest and very accurate reader. You gave me practical advice about a very tricky situation in my life and it’s really helped me move forward. I look forward to having future readings with you.

Take care

Jemma, One to One Psychic Reading
August 2021

Genuine Clairvoyant

Kathryn is a lovely, kind and genuine energy reader. I have had two readings with Kathryn in this year . Her predictions from the first reading was accurate .and her guidance and truth from the second was really helpful and insightful. All my questions were answered with clarity and compassion around my difficult situation. I felt a lot better after the reading and feel I have guidance to help navigate my next steps over the next few months.
I look forward to my next reading !
Thank you Kathryn.

Stef, Telephone Clairvoyant Readings
July 2021

Wonderful Psychic Reading

Hi Kathryn. I just wanted to say thank you so much for my wonderful reading today. It’s amazing how spot on you were with the things currently happening in my life & for passing on messages from my passed loved ones. I still can’t believe how accurate you were! Also thank you for the much needed guidance.

Scarlett, One to One Psychic Reading
July 2021

One of the Best Psychic Readings

I have had a couple of phone readings with Kathryn. She is a lovely, genuine lady with a true gift. I have had a lot of readings and she is definitely one of the best. She accurately picked up on my situation and went above and beyond to help me understand. She was also very kind and caring. I will definitely turn to Kathryn again when I need guidance xx

Beth, Psychic Phone Readings
May 2021

Accurate Psychic Reading

Hi, you did a reading for me last November and I’d like you to know that you were 100% accurate with everything! I completed the purchase of my home in March, as you’d said and I’ve met a lovely guy who’s done loads to help me with my house. You also “saw” my late mother painting a pink rose and the night before I moved into my new home, I came across a box which had been stored away for years. Right at the bottom of that box was a painting of a pink rose done by my mother! Thank you so much for your help last November. Take care,

Pippa, Best Psychic Reading
May 2021

Accurate Psychic Phone Readings

It was enjoyable speaking with Kathryn and her accuracy is truly remarkable. Have spoken with a few well reviewed psychics / psychic mediums yet Kathryn’s gentle, quiet way outshone them for her sheer accuracy and being straight to the point in a simple, straightforward way that made her counsel very insightful and wise. Would like to touch base with her again…

Thank you so much Kathryn !

Deborah, Telephone Reading
May 2021

Seek Guidance from this Clairvoyant

I had readings with Kathryn on a number of occasions over the course of the past months. I consulted with her about a business opportunity and about someone in my personal life. She precisely described the personalities of the people involved and gave me advice how to proceed in each case and what to expect. Every time, she was right. I will continue to seek her guidance in the future as she does have the special gift to see things the way that others cannot. She is kind and gentle and this makes reaching out to her quite easy.

Nadia, Clairvoyant Readings
May 2021

One to one reading

Such a lovely lady to speak to. Every single thing made sense to me and Kathryn gave me some brilliant guidance to follow.
I loved every single second of speaking with her.

Thank you ❤️

Oliva, One to one Psychic Reading
April 2021

One of the most kindest people you could meet

I went to see Kathryn and it’s always a pleasure she is one of the most kindest people you could meet ,she makes you feel very comfortable and relax…and always spot on I’m so glad I went and saw her she has really put me on a high I wasn’t expecting what she told me and it was just what I needed to hear.

Thank you Kathryn so much you are a special lady and I will back again xx

Donna, One to one Psychic Reading
April 2021

Highly Recommended Psychic Readings

I just had my first reading with Kathryn and I’m still blown away. She completely met every expectation I had. I needed guidance with work and new beginnings and I got all the answers I was looking for. Kathryn left no questions unanswered. I felt completely understood and heard. Her tone and empathy made the whole experience gentle and reassuring. I have had a few readings over the years, some good some bad but this really was the very best. If you’re thinking of trying it I would recommend that you go for it. I feel the reading was excellent value no fluffing or gap fillers, all focused useful advice and observations. I don’t think you can go wrong with this lovely lady. I’ll definitely be returning for more. Very precise with names there was no second-guessing. Exceptional psychic highly recommended. I’m so pleased!!!

Georgie, Best Psychic Readings UK
March 2021

Telephone Reading

I am deeply grateful to have found Kathryn I have had two readings with her. She is grounded and speaks the truth. She has not misguided me like other readers. She has helped me in ways so I can truly change my life. She has offered me advice as well as spirit guidance on my future and life and what has been and is occurring so I can change it. I would say if you’re on the fence if to receive a reading from Kathryn to go for it she is 100% legit and authentic and speaks total truth. This is vital when wanting advice, especially during these times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping see clarify and helping me shift my life in a positive new direction much gratitude and appreciation to you and your beautiful work. Such a gift.

Trinity Lee, Psychic Phone Readings
February 2021

Telephone Reading

Thank you so much to Kathryn for my lovely telephone reading the other day. I have always had a wonderful and positive experience with Kathryn. I made the mistake of having a reading with someone else overseas and it filled me with so much anxiety and worry. After a year and a half I decided to book with Kathryn again to help shift this negative experience! As soon as i heard Kathryn’s voice i was instantly put at ease. Her kind, caring nature and loving approach to her readings is so special. She really does have such an amazing gift and connects to you in the perfect way to make you feel comfortable, guided and give you all the answers you may desire. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! I felt instantly lighter as though all my worries had been lifted! Thank you so much Kathryn 💕 xxx 
Steph, Psychic Phone Readings
February 2021

Telephone Reading

I have had a few readings with Kathryn and they have been the best experience. She has such a warm and kind nature, the readings are always so accurate for me and they bring me a lot of calm and positivity. Psychic Phone Readings
Charlotte, January 2021

Telephone Reading

I have just had a phone reading with Kathryn. I have had many face to face readings and this was my first reading by phone. Kathryn has always been so accurate and the reading by phone was no different. It was like she could see my life in front of her and knew exactly how I was feeling deep within. She spoke about things so personal to me that nobody else could know. I went to her feeling so totally lost and she was able to show me my direction and has given me hope for next year, and I can rest assured in that hope as she has always been so accurate in all my other readings. I am truly grateful for her giving me time on Christmas Eve and I can honestly say this reading was my absolute best Christmas gift. She is a truly beautiful soul and gives you practical and no nonsense advice in the most sensitive way. Heartfelt thanks. Christmas Psychic Phone Readings
Claire, Christmas Eve 2020

Telephone Reading

It is very hard to put into words what Kathryn did for me today. This year has been very tough for all of us, and I booked in with Kathryn, as she has helped me so much previously.
She was utterly spot on re my business choices, my future plans ( that no one knew about), and my health.
And then, to suddenly come out with a name of someone who was so close to me, that I never mention to anyone, because it so hard to.
Kathryn spoke about him, and it was amazing, it has utterly without question, made this year 100 % better.. it was exactly what I needed to hear and not what I was expecting to happen xx
Thank you, thank you Kathryn. xxPsychic Phone Readings
Sam, December 2020

Telephone Reading

I had a reading with Kathryn, such a lovely lady, felt so relaxed , had a lovely reading… Omg but the part at the end where my grandad came through! Can’t explain the emotions but I am on a high now. Just so lovely 😍 in such a positive happy mood now x
Kelly, Psychic Phone Readings
December 2020

Telephone Reading

Had my phone reading with Kathryn tonight it’s my second one this year and once again she was amazing absolutely spot on with lots of things and just made me feel happy inside. Thank you xx

Stacey, Psychic Phone Readings
December 2020

Telephone Reading

Just had a wonderful spirit reading with Kathryn. Can’t recommend her enough!. Thank you, Kathryn.

You came up with family and friends in spirit some by name and described them spot on. You gave me lovely messages and guidance and its been a pleasure to speak to such a kind and understanding soul. God bless you and thank you. I will look to you for guidance in future readings. Love and light. Julie xxx

Julie, Psychic Phone Readings
November 2020

Telephone Reading

Amazing intuition and genuine psychic ability.
Only things only I could know, Kathryn brought up in the reading. A thoroughly positive experience from start to finish.
Interesting and importantly for me grounding. Talking with such maturity and care for the person receiving the reading.
A genuinely amazing experience.

Ben, Psychic Phone Readings
October 2020

Greatest reading

I just had my first phone Reading and it was fantastic. So accurate, so true and Kathryn brought up subjects that I had in mind to ask about. Incredible!
Kathryn is so lovely and so nice to speak to her.

Katalin, Best Psychic Readings UK
September 2020

Telephone Reading

Just had my first telephone reading with Kathryn. I was so nervous but as soon as she picked up the phone I felt a warm and calming presence. Kathryn picked up on a few issues that I have been struggling with and I have come away feeling stronger and more at ease.
Thank you Kathryn! You are so kind and lovely.
I look forward to speaking with you again! xx

Shammi Telephone Reading
August 2020

Clairvoyant Reading

I had my first reading today (July 2020) with Kathryn and was impressed. She was able to state correctly how many kids I had and what type – many “so-called” psychics in the past have got this wrong. It was an enlightening reading though the matter of heart is one I have to resolve. It was an uplifting esp as she got things right without prompting from myself and this is what I liked. Thanks

Rosh One to One Reading
July 2020

Insightful Psychic Readings

Kathryn is such a lovely person and her readings have always been so insightful and spot on. I recently received a reading and my spirit guide advised me to see a specialist for a little pain I was experiencing. Sure enough, there was a minor complaint that I was able to easily resolve. Her readings have given me confidence and comfort and helped me to make life changing decisions for the better. Speaking with Kathryn is like receiving a virtual hug at exactly the right time it is needed!
Thank you! I highly recommend xx

Louise Telephone Reading

July 2020

Highly Recommended Psychic Readings

Had my telephone reading with Kathryn today and was completely overwhelmed. The names and details were spot on and the person who I was desperately hoping to hear from came through and I was in tears. The messages I got were exactly what I needed/wanted to hear. Kathryn is such a lovely lady and is so easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She made not only my day today, but my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Joan Telephone Reading

July 2020

Best Psychic Reading

Instantly felt at ease to chat and listen to. An absolute pleasure to have had a reading from Kathryn. Personally recommended!

Ashley Telephone Reading

July 2020

Telephone Reading

Had a session over the phone with Kathryn due to the COVID situation and was pleasantly surprised at how much she picked up on just by my voice. Gave me some great information. Definitely lifted my energy going forward.
Highly recommended x

Stacey, Telephone Reading

July 2020

Face to Face Reading

Hello Kathryn,
I’ve just brought myself a walkman as I wanted to listen to the old tapes I had kept from the past and came across a reading you gave me around 12+ years ago. I just wanted to say how amazed I am at your insight into my future absolutely spot on!! I’m blown away!!
So Thank You.
Best wishes

Psychic Readings Kent

Telephone Reading

I got in touch with Kathryn as I wanted some guidance for my future plans. Prior to our call I wrote a list of things that I wanted to cover. Without prompting or mentioning to Kathryn each point was covered one by one with accuracy, in the order on my list. I have been absolutely blown away with everything that Kathryn told me.

Kathryn was lovely and calming to talk to, I would recommend to anyone and I will definitely be in touch again. Thanks Kathryn, I haven’t been able to stop smiling since! 

Holly Telephone Reading
May 2020

Face to face reading

Kathryn is my go-to psychic at all times.   She is a beautiful soul and channels the spirit world in such a gentle and profound way.  I turn up on Kathryn’s doorstep feeling anxious, overwhelmed and full of questions and I leave our sessions feeling calm, centred, grounded and with all the answers I need right now.  She has been instrumental in me forging ahead on a new career path which is becoming very successful; not only in the financial terms but also I feel I am finally walking my soul’s purpose.  Thank you Kathryn; you are an angel.

Star, Psychic Readings Kent
February 2020

I have been having readings from Kathryn for a few years …..and I can honestly say that Kathryn has always given me excellent readings, and helpful advice and guidance.

I can truly say I am glad I found Kathryn

Dawn, Best Psychic Readings UK
January 2020


My reading with Katherine was absolutely fantastic..spot on and with such brilliant insights.Thank you Katherine for your loveliness, warmth, and understanding, you have a beautiful gift Xxx

Rachel , Clairvoyant Readings
January 2020


I had a reading with Kathryn that was really good.  She takes things seriously and is honest and straightforward.  I had confidence in her and respect in the way she quietly does her job, avoiding the hustle and bustle if possible.  She’s a genuine medium xx

Marian, Psychic Reading December 2019

This was my first time seeing Kathryn and she made me feel right at home straight away. She was so welcoming and had a really calming energy. Her reading was so accurate and specific and I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family in the future. I will be definitely returning in a few months! Thank you so much Kathryn 🥰🥰

Leah, Psychic Readings In Kent. November 2019

True Gift
I would totally recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a genuine reading. She is always spot on with what’s happening and never fails to amaze with her accuracy (and this via a telephone reading!)
She also delivers her readings in such a sensitive caring manner, leaving me feeling relaxed and uplifted. Kathryn, you have a true gift! xx
Irene, Telephone Reading. November 2019

I can’t not tell you how grateful I was for this reading , at a difficult time in my life not knowing what the future would hold , you completely got every situation correct with some very intricate details that not many people would know ! I had great comfort from talking to you and look forward to all of the positive things to come ! I have told everyone about you , you really do have a very special gift !

Thank you 🙏🏻

Jody, Telephone Reading. October 2019

Excellent and comforting

“Kathryn, What a sweet and loving person you are.

Thankyou so much for your time.

In entering your home I immediately felt welcomed and safe.

I didnt exactly come to you looking for answers, as my visit to you was a treat from my sister, but I am a big believer of everything happens for a reason, and while talking to you, I knew exactly what that reason was.

My self-development and Spiritual journey right now is the highest its ever been, and you confirmed everything I’m doing means I am on the right path 😁❤

I am so grateful you were able to tell me that my mum is proud of me and grateful for the negative emotional healing work I’ve been delving into and how it has helped her, and she is now free.

I’ll see you again soon 🥰❤

Highly Recommend 💫”

Claire, Psychic Readings In Kent. October 2019

Excellent and comforting

“I’d never had a reading before and so glad it was with Kathryn who I saw a week ago. She was very warm and so accurate. It really provided me with a lot of comfort. Have recommended Kathryn to friends already”

Brenda, Best Psychic Kent October 2019

“I was a little nervous as did not know what to expect. Kathryn was so warm and friendly, such a wonderful reading.

So much information and such accuracy with names.

I found it truly comforting and I’ll definitely be booking again 😍

Sunflowers were talked about in the reading and when I went back on Kathryn’s web page and saw the sunflower, I realised I picked the right lady 💖

Thank you Kathryn, so lovely talking to you xx”

KellyPsychic Reading September 2019

“Kathryn was lovely, warm and caring and so easy to talk too.
I had a really amazing reading, so accurate with names and so much information come through I look forward to seeing what the next year brings .
Thank you Kathryn, I will definitely be booking again.”

KellyOne to One Psychic Readings September 2019

“I had an incredible reading with Kathyrn today. She was spot on with everything and most importantly delivered the information in such a calm and caring manner. I felt so at peace after speaking with her. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

SamiraClairvoyant Reading September 2019

I came across Kathryn on the internet.
I was in such a quandary about so many areas of my life. I wrote a list of 4 areas to focus on. I made the phone call while relaxing in my garden.
I was astounded that Kathryn addressed each of my points in turn without seeing me or my list.
She was sensitive, intuitive and delved further into areas which I needed more clarification.

I came out of my reading in tears of surprise and relief.”

CarolineTelephone Clairvoyant Reading August 2019

“This was my first experience of having a reading.  Kathryn really make you feel calm an relaxed.  She was spot with what she told me . Would highly recommend.  She is lovely”

SuzetteOne to One Psychic Readings June 2019

“Had the most amazing reading with Kathryn. The information was so spot on and the gentleness and calmness of her voice when you talk is beautiful. Lovely energy absolutely fantastic reading. Absolutely recommend and will be paying to have another reading soon.”

MarieRecommended Psychic Readings UK June 2019

Simply Incredible
“This was my first reading and I was very anxious beforehand. As soon as I started speaking on the phone I felt so at ease. Kathryn knew problems I hadn’t mentioned to anyone and even knew some physical problems going on. She even was able to put the first letter of someone’s name troubling my life and told me some good advice. As someone who has struggled recently she has really put my mind at ease and made me feel like a new person afterwards. She was even helpful in saying I needed to go to my GP to get medical treatment for an underlying condition. The best part was she was able to speak to some relatives of mine who passed away – it was so lovely to hear from them.”

Emily, Psychic Telephone Readings, May 2019

Amazing reader, and so lovely too
“I have had several phone readings with Kathryn over the last couple of years. Compared to others, I instantly felt a connection with her on the phone and she immediately tuned into my situation each time. With complete accuracy too. She really is ‘bang on’ with what she picks up, and I think she is a very intuitive reader. She is also just so lovely to talk to, very enpathetic, supportive and understanding, and she feels like a nice family member on the end of the phone!! Out of the many psychics I have tried, Kathryn is the one who I think shines out the most and I would highly recommend her. Each time I have felt far more positive about my situation after speaking with her.”

Michelle, Psychic Telephone Readings, May 2019

Amazing lady
“Had a reading with Kathryn and she is absolutely amazing, this is my second reading and she had been spot on both times, would highly recommend her ?

LisaOne to One Psychic Readings April 2019

Kathryn was so spot on with my life and gave me amazing guidance. Highly recommend this lovely talented lady for readings.”

Karen, Psychic Readings March 2019


Just had a telephone reading from Kathryn, second reading now, completely mind blowing, the minute she answered the phone she picked up on my problem, and gave me amazing advice, such a beautiful person, felt very nervous but she made me feel so relaxed talking to her, if you want a reading that is truthful and very accreate you must contact Kathryn, without a shadow of a doubt she is the BEST!! will be booking again for sure, This lady is an Angel send from God, with all my love thank you so much xxx

Amanda, Psychic Telephone Readings February 2019

I had a wonderful telephone reading with Kathryn last night. We had never met or spoken before yet she knew about some issues that had gone on. More importantly, she brought my sister through who had only passed last week and told me things she couldn’t possibly have known Lovely lady and highly recommended.

Jessica, Psychic Telephone Readings February 2019

This is my third reading in 4 and half years I can honestly say it’s the best one I’ve had. Kathryn was very welcoming when I had a face to face reading. I went there looking for closure and answers which I received would highly recommend her if your looking for a true and honest reading. Thank You Kathryn

Lauren, One to One Psychic Readings February 2019

I had a wonderful telephone reading with Kathryn last night. We had never met or spoken before yet she knew about some issues that had gone on. More importantly she brought my sister through who had only passed last week and told me things she couldn’t possibly have known Lovely lady and highly recommended.

Lynne, Psychic Telephone Readings February 2019

I recently had a 30 minute telephone reading with Kathryn. She was spot on with with my current situation and managed to give me reassurance that everything was ok for me in the future. She is very accurate with the information she gives as well as being friendly and easy to chat too. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a reading. 

Jessica, Psychic Telephone Readings February 2019

I must admit, before finding Kathryn I was very sceptical about psychics as I had been to some before who were nowhere on the ball. I had a phone reading with Kathryn and I was unsure how she would be able to do the reading without me being face to face with her however, she knew everything! She was even able to pin point my partners job without me mentioning it. She knew that I had recently moved home and she knew they I was waiting on the outcome of an interview I had had!!! She also told me that I would get the job (this was in middle of December)… and guess what fast forward to today, I’ve got the job!!!  So all i can say is, Kathryn is brilliant I will be continuing to have my readings from her in future!

Naomi, Psychic Telephone Readings January 2019

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