Testimonials before 2019

I have been to see Kathryn a few times now, every time I come away feeling positive and relaxed about my future. She will tell you so much to make you realise she is the ‘Real Deal’. If you get the chance then make sure you go see her. I will be returning in a few months. 

Kayla, One to One Psychic Readings November 2018

I’ve know Kathryn for many years, even had a few readings from her. She is very accurate and doesn’t give you a load of old tosh to fill a session. Event minute spent is the best value for money you could regarding a psychic reading.
If you can’t get to Maidstone, then book a telephone reading which is just as accurate and straightforward.
In my view Kathryn is the best around. 

Geoff, Psychic Phone Readings Kent November 2018

Spot on!

I saw Kathryn in August, she is a lovely lady and I left the reading feeling very positive and uplifted. She talked about my brother who had recently passed which was very comforting. The readings from the cards were really good. In particular, she told me that there would be an improvement in my working situation within nine weeks, I have been unemployed for 3 years mostly due to health reasons and was finding it incredibly hard to get an interview let alone a job. Needless to say, I felt it was very brave of Kathryn to stick her neck out and actually give a time frame! However, within 8 weeks exactly of the reading, I started a new job! I cannot wait for the other predictions given to come true. I will definitely be seeing Kathryn again and have recommended her to several other people.

Claire, Psychic Reading Kent November 2018

Great experience, I was very pleased with my reading, Kathryn was very polite and, she knew a lot about my past and talked positively about my future, highly recommended.

Daria , Psychic Reading Kent October 2018

I loved it
I got Kathryn’s number from my partners daughter…we don’t often agree, but on this one – absolutely! I had such a good (very helpful) reading that later on I come back for more! She was very spot on… Since thenn I recommend her to few friends (and they also were very pleased) Kathryn was also very encouraging about my angels which I just start making… Don’t know much of it was part of the reading and how much was her intuition/advice… but seems like she was right again! (here is a proof: www.facebook.com/aniasangels)

Thank you Kathryn!
My life got better by meeting you!x
Ania, Psychic Reading Kent October 2018

I could relate to everything she was saying
Saturday just gone was the second time I’ve been to see Kathryn…
I could relate to everything she was saying…
She clarified some things for me that I was aware of, my father and nan came forward from spirit, Kathryn even got my Nans height correct…
Will go back to see her again x

Lidia, Psychic Reading Kent October 2018

Very impressed with telephone reading
I had my telephone reading with Kathryn and I was very amazed how much information she saw around me and about me that was accurate. I have received answers that were bothering me and it definitely made me look into the future with patience and excitement. Thank you so much for your time x
Vaida, Psychic Phone Reading September 2018

Insightful and soothing 
Any nerves I had about my reading disappeared as Kathryn welcomed me into her reading room. My reading revealed things as if Kathyrn already knew me, or certainly the situations I am currently facing and she was honest and kind with her guidance. It was good to hear an independent perspective and my Angel cards certainly cemented my knowledge on which path to take. Thank you for the reassurance and mind-quietening experience, I feel much more empowered to move forward!
Sarah, Psychic Reading August 2018
Thank you so much Kathryn
Just had a telephone reading with Kathryn and I feel so much better after talking to her. I am left amazed at what she picked up and exactly how I was feeling. She doesn’t sugar coat anything or tell you anything that you want to hear. She also picked up on my true character. She is realistic and 100% genuine. And if i follow her advice and keep working at everything, then hopefully the things she predicted will come to pass. And she is a lovely and understanding lady.
Thank you very much
Wendy, Psychic Telephone Reading August 2018
Thanks very much Kathryn!
I feel very fortunate to have come across Kathryn’s website when I gained to courage (!) to explore the world of spiritual mediums. She has a very reassuring and kind presence that puts you at ease straight away. I have had two telephone readings now and the insights I have received have always been on point and given me renewed confidence and faith in the choices I have made. I would highly recommend a reading with Kathryn and I am also going to try out some of those meditation tips on the website! thanks v much xx
Caroline, Psychic Phone Readings July 2018
Deeply connected
I just finished my first experience with Kathryn, and it was wonderfully illuminating. The connection with spirit/source is very strong with her. I am a spiritual mentor and energy healer, and am very attuned to who is truly embodied, and who only says they are. Kathryn is very powerful in her work. Her accuracy of picking exact cities and locations in different parts of the world that i have been looking into moving to, was amazingly. So much so, that all i could do was laugh at the pin-pointed accuracy. It was a wonderfully supportive and clarifying experience. I will definitely be having another session again. Thank you sweet Kathryn.
Chris, Psychic Reading July 2018
Thank you for making me feel so welcome Kathryn. What a lovely calming and enlightening experience.
Trish, Psychic Reading Kent July 2018
Left peaceful and now know the best path to take
I had a reading with Kathryn last Saturday. Thank you for putting my mind at ease on certain circumstance. I was left peaceful and now know the best path to take to have a new start in my life. I found the reading very accurate and was completely overblown on what came out. I would highly recommend Kathryn and would definitely have another reading whenever I need more guidance. Would definitely recommend.
Sue, Psychic Reading June 2018
Completely mind blown
Thank you so much to Kathryn, was the right time for me to get a reading and was completely mind blown, find it so comforting to know I have lots of angels around me – can’t wait to have a face to face to hear more x
Cara, Telephone Reading May 2018
Definitely recommend
I loved my reading tonight. It was so reassuring and gave me peace of mind. Kathryn is so kind and lovely – worth every penny.
Definitely recommend. Thanks so much Kathryn.
Clare, Psychic Reading April 2018
100% genuine
Quite a few weeks back I had a telephone reading with Kathryn and she was absolutely amazing. She gave so many names I could take and then proceeded to look into situations with people in my life. Everything was spot on. I was so delighted that yesterday I had a second reading with her when she assured me on certain issues I was facing. I felt so comforted and it was so lovely that she picked up both my Mum and Dad as if she knew them well. I have been to many mediums in the past but Kathryn is definitely one of the best. I would highly recommend her! I will just add that at the end of my first reading she gave a name and description and made a prediction which actually came true that very same day. I will be back!!!
Marian, One of the Best Psychic Readings, April 2018
Unbelievable how accurate Kathryn was
I had a very emotional reading in person and it was unbelievable how accurate Kathryn was about my loved ones that had passed. She gave me excellent advice and guidance on my life, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and I would highly recommend her.
Gemma, Psychic Reading Kent March 2018
I have now had a few telephone readings with Kathryn, and she never ceases to amaze me. She immediately picks up on any situations around me in great detail and gives direction and clarity in such a friendly reassuring manner. She has mentioned family names, and described loved ones in spirit (in detail), which completely blew me away. She just seems to be immediately able to tune in to me and gives so much detail throughout the reading. For me, Kathryn is the only one I would 100% recommend to anyone!
Irene, Psychic Phone Readings March 2018
Wow! Kathryn blew me away!
Wow! Kathryn blew me away! Spot on…I was in a dark place and she made me see the light 🙂 She is accurate beyond belief, if you are looking for a gifted psychic, she is the best one Thank you Kathryn, a big hug, you lifted my spirit
Roberta, Best Psychic Readings UK March 2018
Intuitive, accurate and helpful
I found Kathryn to be a very intuitive, accurate and helpful guide, at a critical juncture in my life. Speaking to her helped me to reach a difficult decision. She seemed to very quickly grasp all the issues and questions, and flagged up a number of things that were within my subconscious. I recommend utilising Kathryn for any challenging conundrums that you may face.
Gemma, February 2018
Great 1st reading
I came across Kathryn by accident and am so happy that I did. I have been at a crossroad – an ocean of dark emotions. I have needed some insight. I have come away feeling so much more positive about whats happening. I have had a restful night for the first time in a long time. I am now truly hopeful that there will be an imminent resolution to where I am. I would highly recommend Kathryn and will definitely call her again.
Kem, February 2018
My reading
Once again Kathryn gave me another amazing reading. Kathryn is always so accurate. I can always trust Kathryn’s timings . As I have experienced the events which have happened at the times Kathryn has told me .
I have confidence in Kathryn’ s readings and advice given, and as Kathryn predicted I have met the man of my dreams! I am now looking forward to my next reading
kind regards
Dawn, February 2018
1st reading – Jan 2018
My first reading with Kathryn was very enlightening. I contacted Kathryn because I needed some clarity and direction on a recent breakup which I didn’t tell Kathryn. She picked up on what had happened and how I was feeling straight away, she was spot on. She also told me I would get a new job or a promotion within the next 2/3 months and a month later I was offered a promotion at work! I have now booked to see her for a one to one and healing. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who needs some spiritual guidance and insight into what the future could hold.
Gemma, January 2018
Amazing first reading
Amazing amazing amazing first reading. Kathryn you blew me away with your confirmations of my loved ones who have passed- no way you could’ve known details you told me unless they were beside you. I have no words that could describe how uplifting and motivating your reading was. Thank you so much and anyone thinking of getting a reading should not hesitate as this lady is amazing. Looking forward to my life returning to normal and predictions coming. Thank you my angel xx
Frances, December 2017
First Time Reading – over the phone
I had never had a reading before so was slightly apprehensive about it but Kathryn put me at ease immediately with her lovely, friendly manner. She was so insightful and knew things that no one else had known and even had a message for me from my nan who she described perfectly – her clothes, the way she spoke, even the perfume she wore. I cant wait to have another reading with Kathryn in the new year!
Georgina, December 2017
First time telephone reading
This telephone reading was the first reading of any kind I have ever had and was a really positive experience. Kathryn has a very reassuring manner and the insights she made were really quite astounding. I would highly recommend her and suspect I may be a repeat customer at some stage 😉 Thanks very much Kathryn x
Caroline, December 2017
Very welcoming & friendly
Very pleased with my reading, such a lovely lady & is very welcoming & friendly, received beautiful crystal that I will treasure, will be going back in 6 months for another one xx
Angie, November 2017
Helpful and calming
I recently had an amazing reading with Kathryn. The kind lady cleared my mind very well and helped me to understand a lot of things with my new life. Thank you very much indeed Kathryn. I always enjoy speaking with you.
In, November 2017
Calm and positive
Had a very relaxed session with Kathryn. Came away feeling calm and positive.
Sarah, November 2017
Lovely reading and healing
I had a reading and healing with Kathryn, I instantly felt at ease, she got everything correct I. e nan and grandad’s names , also the healing was wonderful I hadn’t slept for age’s since then I’ve had a wonderful sleep every night since the healing thank you Kathryn.
Linda, October 2017
Very pleased
I’ve recently had a second reading with Kathryn I was blown away with what she told me and how much detail she gives you. Very informative though out my readings. Want to thank her for messages and will return you have amazing gift! x
Mez, October 2017
Absolutely spot on
Had a telephone reading with Kathryn today. Absolutely spot on with everything still trying to stop crying x
Ali, October 2017
Made me feel at ease and she knew things that nobody would of known!
I have just had a reading with Kathryn who is a really lovely lady and made me feel at ease.
This is the best reading I have had, extremely accurate and she knew things that nobody would of known!
I feel so much more positive and will definitely go to her again.
Julie, August 2017
Caring & soothing manner
Recently had a very welcoming reading from Kathryn. She had an intelligent caring & soothing manner. She picked up on issues very quickly & offered answers help & advice. I’m looking forward to having another reading in the near future.
Karen, August 2017
I love going to see Kathryn she makes you feel so calm & relaxed ..Kathryn is always spot on with everything she tells you . Very happy .would highly recommend her ..also had some healing today which was great ..Kathryn is a lovely lady .will defintly be going back both for reading & healing xx
Donna, August 2017
Very impressed!!!!!
I had 2 reading with Kathryn. One in April and one in August. Everything she said in April it was accurate!!!! Kathryn is a lovely person. I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt and I would definitely go back to her for another reading soon!!! Thank you Kathryn!!!
Gabi, August 2017
I was very impressed
Had a telephone reading with Kathryn, what a lovely warm lady, instantly putting you at ease. Many things she picked up on, I was very impressed and came away feeling a lot more confident about things.
Heidi D , July 2017
Amazingly talented lady
I recently had a reading with Kathryn. She’s amazingly accurate. Spot on with what she says. Kathryn is a very kind and warm lady and I always look forward to seeing her. If you’re lucky enough to see Kathryn in person you will know what I mean. Kathryn really cares about everyone she sees xx
Janine Martin , July 2017
Accurate reading and guidance
I am going through a difficult time in work and relationships and need answers and enlightenment to things that I can’t otherwise get hold of. Kathryn was spot on on and confirmed but elaborated on readings from other psychics. She was well prepared, picked up quickly on the problems and only offered truth and honesty. She came across as a friend. Definitely recommended.
J , July 2017
Would recommend to anyone!!
Was passed on the number for Kathryn from a friend and arranged to speak last night on the phone!!she immediately put me at ease she was very calm and easy to talk to and listen too! She was amazing and spot on with things actually left me open mouthed at one point!!anyway had a brilliant reading and would defiantly have another one in a few months time! Well recommended to anyone!!
Joanne – 4th July 2017
I’ve had many readings and this was the best experience by far.
I was lucky enough to experience a fantastic telephone reading with this lovely lady. The reading was very accurate and helped me to see a clearer way forward. Kathryn was compassionate and very honest.
Jaz – 3rd July 2017
Spot on with your readings
Hi Kathryn, just wanted to say yet again you are spot on with your readings and that everything you said has happened! I get such clarity and positivity from seeing you, and this time it has totally removed all the negativity from certain people – on your advise and from my Grandparents ?. You really are the best at what you do and cannot recommend you enough.  Thank you and see you soon x.
Charlene – 29th May 2017
So accurate and helpful
I contacted Kathryn about a situation which was very urgent and far from clear cut. She immediately picked up not only on the cause of the problem but also on the personalities of the people involved and their motives. It was astonishing how accurately she described them and their likely future actions and this really helped clarify my thoughts and the reservations I had about entering into an agreement with them. Kathryn particularly highlighted an area where she felt they lacked empathy and ability and warned me to be careful about the situation. Within 24 hours a major problem occurred and this bought the agreement to an end. Without Kathryn’s insight and guidance I might well have been persuaded that the problem was an isolated incidence and gone ahead with the agreement, however, subsequent events have shown that this would have been a disaster.

By nature I am analytical and scientific but I have no reservations whatsoever about Kathryn’s genuine ability to relay information she could not possibly have known or her amazing intuition and ability to communicate the information she receives. I have great trust in her and wouldn’t hesitate to make contact in the future whenever I felt the need for her guidance.
Kit – 21 May 2017
Extremely helpful guidance for me
I contacted Kathryn as I needed to get some clarity on a very frustrating and difficult situation which I felt stuck in, and get some guidance on my choices. I was completely blown away by how accurate she was, and her intuition, sight and sensitivity was truly remarkable. Kathryn has helped me make sense of a current situation and feel reassured that my own intuition was also something I should listen to. She was able to read very deeply into others in my life and what role they are there to assist in my journey, and I for them. I was also astonished that a telephone reading could be so accurate too.

Emma – 09 May 2017

So Professional
Kathryn was so professional, friendly and truly amazing at what she does. Not only that but a lovely environment and very easy to find. Thank you Kathryn xx

Katie – 03 May 2017

Fantastic Reading
Had a reading from this wonderful lady on 18th April. She was absolutely spot on with what I have been going through. With her guidance I am going to deal with the negative influence in my life at the moment. I will definitely come back for another reading x

Alison – 19 April 2017

Earth Angel
An amazing gifted lady,have been having readings with Kathryn over 7 years. At times,not sure if I would of made it as the past few years were very difficult! She has been an inspiration & spot on.
Luv & adore U  – Very Highly Recommended

Kata – 18 April 2017

Absolutely brilliant!
Brings back every emotion and tells me things i’m always hoping to hear. Wouldnt go anywhere else . If you want a good reading then Kathryn is 100% the one you want to see xxx

Sophie – 30 March 2017

Incredibly Accurate
I didn’t believe what she told me was true but sure enough in time it was. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn for a reading as she is true to her word and 100% genuine.

Grace – 11 March 2017

Hi Kathryn
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Sunday. It was just what my mum needed at such a stressful time for her. We both felt you were so welcoming and we were immediately at ease. You were so accurate with many things that nobody else would know about. No doubt you will be seeing is again.

Teri – 13 February 2017

I had an amazing phone reading with Kathryn. She was calm and so lovely and so very accurate. Would definitely see/speak to her again.

Karen  – 13 February 2017

Best psychic experience – honest and down to earth + accurate!
I have been having readings with Kathryn since 2014 and I love her readings. She is honest, down to earth and operates with a high level of integrity. She gets it right 100% of the time and her attitude is positive too. Thank you Kathryn for being such an honest and down to earth psychic. I love working with you. Many blessings!

Wanda – 27 January 2017

I have visited kathyrn twice now for readings

Each time I have visited Kathryn, I have had a lot going on with my life and soon as I sat down with kathyrn she was able to feel what was going on with me ,and the people around me . it was an eye opener and really needed her guidance and kindness .each reading was perfect and really helped me feel reassured. each time I have always left feeling a lot more at ease, and it is comforting I will always go back to kathryn.

Alexandra – 17 January 2017

Kathryn was such a lovely lady , made me feel at ease. Thank you for my reading , you were so accurate and spot on with Everything you told me. Am amazing lady with a wonderful gift and so lovely to talk to definitely recommend xx

Concetta – 10 January 2017

Telephone reading
I had my telephone reading on the 30th Dec 16, Kathryn has the most amazing calming energy, from the moment she connects with you, you know she’s the real deal, she know the reasons for your call, you do not need to say a word, all you are saying yes and yes throughout your reading. The most accurate reading I have had in a very long time. In the future I will only be having readings with Kathryn and no one else.!

Ana – 02 January 2017

Lovely Reading
Kathryn was very patient and done a lovely reading for me. It was my first reading and she made me feel very comfortable. She made the reading light and I was able to laugh in between crying. It was such a comfort to hear from my loved ones that had past and I feel Kathryn knew that I would benefit from this comfort. I would highly recommend her and most definitely visit again. Thank you so much!

Stacey – 23 November 2016

Wonderful Experience
Thank you Kathryn for such a meaningful and insightful reading yesterday. I didn’t know what to expect and you made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I was so surprised by your accuracy and I have so much more clarity of several issues now. Will recommend you unreservedly.

Helen – 19 October 2016

A lovely lady with a remarkable gift. Blown away by the accuracy of my telephone reading.

Dawn – 08 October 2016

I was skeptical and am now amazed.

Having never visited a medium/psychic before, I had no idea what to expect. Kathryn was warm and kind and I felt at ease. I gave no information about myself and I didn’t ask any specific question; Kathryn simply has to be the real deal because she couldn’t have possibly known the things she told me she was seeing. I found the process very moving and comforting, and I feel satisfied that I received answers to the questions that were on my mind. Thank you.

Emily – 25 August 2016

Thank you Kathryn for the wonderful reading. I was very nervous and you put me at ease. You were scarily accurate and I look forward to your predictions. You are truly gifted and I look forward to having another reading in the near future.

Rachel – 19 August 2016

Thank you Kathryn for such a fab reading. You helped me many years ago when I was going through a divorce. Having had more recent readings with you I was so pleased to have found you again. I feel very happy and positive about my future and remind myself I’ have a lot to look forward to. Thanks a million again

Colette Colborne – 10 August 2016

Kathryn is an amazing reader. She gets to the heart of the matter. I’ve had many readings with other psychics and can honestly say she’s the best. I’m looking forward to the predictions coming true. Kathryn your the best.

Sarbjit – 8 August 2016

I had a lovely reading with Kathryn, she gently navigated her way through the reading touching on areas that have been on my mind so accurately . Very thought provoking and uplifting.

Rebecca – 08 June 2016 

I have returned to Kathryn, a trustworthy psychic and medium, for several readings and guidance over the years. She is easy to talk to, with a gentle and straight-talking approach. I have found her psychic and mediumistic insights immensely helpful and supportive.

Anne  – 04 June 2016 

Thank you so much for your accurate and insightful telephone reading. You are refreshingly honest whilst being compassionate and kind. With so many charlatans out there I felt privileged to be speaking with a genuine psychic. One of the few.

Jaz  – 30 May 2016 

I have known Kathryn for 3 years now and I have regular telephone readings with her. I cannot believe I never met her!
She is extremely gifted and kind and helped me a lot when my sister passed away and I was in a very lonely and sad place. Thank you! I have recommended Kathryn to my friends and they were very impressed with her too. I cannot recommend Kathryn enough!

Lina  – 16 May 2016 

Another brilliant reading with Kathryn. She never fails to be spot on and give me the reassurance about the future to keep doing what I am. Thank you.

Anne-Marie  – 5 May 2016 

I met up with Kathryn after meeting her at a friends house in 2008, I was slightly nervous at my first ever reading and straight away she asked who Pat was? This person she mentioned was my beautiful mum who is still with us from then on I believed even more than I did before, she told me I ‘felt things’ I did not understand what she meant until 8 years later! I have had many intuitive hits on all different things but didn’t really understand them until now, she knew before I did!

Meeting Kathryn again years later and having a reading from her gave me clarity on many things that have been transpiring in my life as I was feeling confused, Kathryn even knew I had a new job before I sat down !!

Kathryn is a truly gifted lady, and for those that may be apprehensive or even sceptical, I highly recommend Kathryn, not only is she gifted she is a warm character and you feel instantly at ease.

Thank you Kathryn for your time and fitting me in your busy diary!

Kim x
Kim – 8 years later 2016

I Would like to thank you for the amazing reading me and my mum had today. I came to see you 6 months ago and was blow away how spot on you were. I knew I had to bring my mum with me today as times have been hard lately,she needed reinsurance..and I can honestly say she got that today!! Knowing my dad is ok and watching over us is such comfort. I have recommended you to lots of people and I will continue to do so! Thanks again Kathryn. Love and light xx
Louise – 15 April 2016
I had a brilliant, spot on and eye opening reading with you this evening.  Thank you. It was almost like you had known me for ages!  This is the first time I have spoken to you and your accuracy amazed. I look forward to your predictions coming into fruition.
Kavita – 11 April 2016
Kathryn is a really nice lady and you feel so comfortable and relaxed talking to her. I had my reading over the phone and do not regret it. She helped me to make a difficult decision I was stuck with and I feel more positive with future that is there for me. I would certainly recommend Kathryn to anyone and have another session booked myself in future. Thank you, Kathryn, again.
Natalja – 1st April 2016
I have had readings from Kathyrn for many years now. Her accuracy, honesty and loving guidance is refreshing and comforting. She is a glowing testament to what she does and it is simply nothing other than humbling and a blessing to have a reading from a wonderful true soul. I owe her a debt of gratitude that can not ever be repaid.
Nishan 19th March  2016
Hi Kathryn just to say thank you so much for the reading last night, you said the word reassurance was prominent and that’s what I was looking for. I now feel at long last I can face the future and get on with my life. So once again thank you so much
Veronica 15th March  2016

The best I’ve found. Accurate made my heart skip at what she knew. A true clairvoyant medium psychic. Definitely will be going back n telling all my friends n family. Made me feel calm n relaxed. Positive reading .

Jose – 30th October 2015

I have had readings with Kathryn for a number of years and I am always astounded by her accuracy. She has helped me through a very difficult period in my life, giving me the hope and courage that I needed.

During a reading she will always tell you what is there and not what you want to hear, which can be rather nerve racking at times! At last I have met a lovely man (she always said I would) and I phoned to ask her about how things might progress. I was very nervous as I didn’t know what she would say! If he was not for me she would gently tell me and direct my energies elsewhere. Fortunately she was very positive about the situation and just said, “it will happen”. When Kathryn says something will happen, believe me, it will! She is continuing to give me guidance and support in the matter which I really appreciate.

I love hearing about my family in spirit and there is always some confirmation, usually through a childhood memory. I remember one time Kathryn was describing to me a seaside location and I told her (from her description) that I knew exactly where it was, a beach we went to most weekends in the summer. Her reply was, “thank goodness for that. I have no idea where this place is”. Over the years Kathryn has given me names of people, places and events that have happened and even ones to come. There isn’t any way she can know these things except through spirit and the angels.

Kathryn is a truly gifted psychic and I have recommended her to many people and will continue to do so. Her readings are genuine, soothing and have a lovely healing benefit. A genuine lady who I regard as a true friend.

Julia  – August 2015

Kathryn, thank you so much for the lovely reading last night. It was so insightful and answered a lot of my questions. Everything you said made sense to me and was so accurate to what is happening around me with regards to the house and jobs.

It was lovely to have my brother come through, it meant so much to me. I feel at peace with a lot of stuff now that had been niggling away at me for so long, I don’t know if you did some healing on me but I feel stronger in myself since I spoke to you and happier like a cloud has lifted.

Thank you again, you truly are an amazing and also lovely lady. I shall definitely go on your Facebook page that you gave me and like.

Take care – June xxx (May 2015)

My mum and I have been traveling from Hertfordshire to receive readings from Kathryn for about 5 years now and every time she never fails to amaze us. Her caring, compassionate way and the accuracy and detail of her readings are outstanding.

I have previously recommended Kathryn to friends and family and they have all said the same thing, even changing the view of a former skeptic! Kathryn has a true gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone as I am sure you will be equally amazed.

Thank you Kathryn once again for an amazing experience and for helping us find peace and direction in our lives.

See you soon!! Dionne and Jenny (Jan 2015)

Well for various reasons it has taken quiet a while for my wife and I to get over to Kent, from Southend-on-Sea Essex to have our readings by Kathryn but worth the wait and the round trip. She is absolutely brilliant….

We both have personal issues that we desired help and advise on and Kathryn was spot on, even bringing to us underlying matters that certainly helped clarify the subjects being discussed.

We were also both very pleased to hear from ‘passed’ loved ones and to have their input as to our future pathways.

Many thanks Kathryn and to all those you work with in spirit. ~ Geoff & Ann

I had a telephone reading with Kathryn on 29/07/2014 and living at the opposite end of the country to her and never having met this lovely, warm lady before, I was absolutely astounded and delighted with the accuracy of the information that she gave to me via spirit guides and Angel Cards.

I would like to reassure other potential clients that Kathryn is most definitely a genuine and sincere medium and psychic (I have been involved in spiritualism for some time and she is certainly the best medium that I have encountered for many years).

At the time of my reading I was feeling bereft, hopeless and overwhelmed by many situations and unanswered questions in my life. At the end of the telephone call, I had hope, direction and comfort; I felt completely uplifted.

I lost my beloved dad in December of last year and totally unprompted, Kathryn described in detail, his physical appearance and personality traits and my relationship with him. It was such a comfort to me to hear that he was helping and healing me from the spirit realm. Kathryn was also astonishingly accurate when speaking about my current illness and relationship issues. In no way did I feel Kathryn asked leading questions or fished for information unlike many other telephone readers.

I was extremely impressed with my reading and will most certainly have another from Kathryn in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn.


Kathryn is a truly wonderful clairvoyant and medium, in every session I have had with her over several years I have felt an immense soothing and healing benefit, she is truly a beautiful soul who offers a very professional service in a compassionate way. I would absolutely recommend anyone see her.

I personally have felt a lot of wonderful energy of spiritual support from her readings that has helped me in my journey when I have felt the need.

Deep gratitude. ~ Jazzy

One word for this fabulous lady!! ‘WOW’!!!

I first met Kathryn 9 years ago, part of my reading was ‘who’s David ‘?!!… I didn’t know a David, but two months later met ‘David ‘ and the following year we got married!

I’ve seen Kathryn over the years, recommended her to many friends and seen her again recently. I was feeling particularly stressed about selling and moving. Kathryn assured me all would be fine ‘by April’. Sure enough! Sold, got our mortgage. Amazing.

Can’t recommend Kathryn enough!! Book yourselves in!!! ~ Eileen Mills

I have known Kathryn for 4 years or so and had 4 or 5 readings with her during that time. In fact, it was quite strange how I came to have a reading with her in the first place. I was given 2 separate recommendations from 2 completely unrelated people; one was for a Catherine Smyth and one for Kathryn Smith. It wasn’t until I looked at the phone numbers I realised they were the same person! A coincidence? – or, maybe I was just meant to meet her.

I’m always amazed at how Kathryn seems to get straight to a particular issue going on in my life and I always leave feeling in a more positive frame of mind, reassured and comforted that I have support and guidance from the other side.

I have recommended many friends to Kathryn, all of whom have been equally impressed with their own readings. Apart from Kathryns obvious gift, she is a lovely, genuine lady whom I intend to have many more readings with in the future. ~ Anne

Kathryn did a reading for myself and my husband and we went home with such a warm glow to know that past family members were all ok and watching over us. I was blown away by the message from my daughter in the spirit world who seems to be as cheeky as ever but is being looked after and guided by my lovely Grandmother. Thank you for the yellow flowers Chloè, mummy loves them very much.

I highly recommend Kathryn. She knew so much about my life having never met me before and she was able to offer me some fantastic guidance for future important decisions. A welcoming and lovely lady. She made us feel at ease instantly. I am very much looking forward to getting a reading again in the future. ~ Rachel

Kathryn is simply amazing and never fails to amaze me in her accuracy, she is one of the loveliest readers around and will never ask you questions, she tells you!!! I also have the gift myself, but kathryn is the only person I will allow to read for me. I always looks forward to a reading with her because I know the accuracy is consistent and guaranteed. I will be told what I need to know not want I want to know and hear.

She will always bring those dearly loved ones just a step closer just for a little while. When friends and colleagues ask me for readings I always point them in Kathryn’s direction. Over the years Kathryn has been spot on with so many issues, so treat yourself to one of the nicest genuine readers around and be astounded by her accuracy. ~ David

Spot on exactly how I am feeling ~ Bernice
What a lovely reading. I feel a lot better for coming. Thank you ~ Dee
Accurate in lots of areas and comforting that others will be ok. ~ Karen
I’ve known Kathryn for a few years now, have had many readings with her and would just like to say she is fantastic. I lost my mum and dad 8 and 6 years ago now and I get great comfort out of visiting Kathryn. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone, she is very caring, considerate and most of all a lovely person and makes you feel at ease in her home or yours. ~ Laura Amos (January 2012)
I had such a wonderful reading it made me feel so assured about the future, Kathryn is a really lovely person. ~ Sally, Maidstone
Wonderful reading, so accurate. Very uplifting and reassuring thank you so much, Kathryn is such a lovely lady. ~ Pauline, Dover
Wonderful reading, so accurate. Very uplifting and reassuring thank you so much, Kathryn is such a lovely lady. ~ Pauline, Dover
I’ve had many readings with Kathryn and can say that she is the only person I have come across whose readings are accurate every time down to the smallest detail. Her ethics are one of total confidentiality and truth. I have no qualms in recommending her to all my friends and family who too have found her not only approachable but also totally professional. Her empathy to each person is remarkable. So thank you Kathryn and I will be back very soon for my next reading. ~ Helen Carbutt (January 2012)
Amazing – so helpful and so accurate. Thank you ~ Natalie
Just thought I would let you know my mum was absolutely blown away by the reading she had yesterday. Thank you again,I think it gave my mum great comfort to know that not only her sister is with her and my dad, but death is not the end. ~ Anne Rossie (January 2012)
I would recommend Kathryn to anyone who wishes to see a medium/psychic with no hesitation. She has definitely changed my life for the better and taken a huge weight off my shoulders. ~ Myriam, Maidstone
I think Kathryn is a true psychic with an authentic ability. I was blown away by her accuracy and will definitely be having a reading with her again. ~ Jenny, France
Excellent reading – wise guidance with accurate assessment of current situation. Thank you ~ Danielle
I was a skeptic but I was blown away. ~ Sarah
Always uplifting and directional when we come to see Kathryn. Always spot on. ~ Debbie
Excellent – Best reading I’ve ever had. ~ Ann, Southend-on-Sea
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